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HTTPS Secure Site Setup

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If you plan to purchase an SSL certificate for one of your websites then you will need us to create a signing request for the domain and to assign the domain a dedicated IP.

To initiate the process send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • The servername which you are on.
  • Email Address the Cert will be sent to.
  • Host to make cert for ( or or
  • City
  • State
  • Country (2 letter Abbreviation)
  • Company Name
  • Company Division
  • Company Email

You will then receive two emails from the server, one will contain the secure key which you will require for some programs which run securely and the other will contain the CSR (certificate signing request) which is used by you to purchase the certificate from your vendor.

When ordering your secure cert you will be asked for the "Web Server Type," you should choose Apache + MOD SSL

Once you have purchased the certificate, the vendor will send you an email with the CRT code, you then should forward this to us ([email protected]) so we can complete the installation process.

That’s it your done. You will now be able to browse to all your files securely using https:// rather than http://

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