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How is BlueWho Different?

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  • 11/21/2005 6:33 AM

Here are a few reasons why we believe we stand our from the crowd. If you are in the market for hosting, ask the other hosts to them provide you with these very important features.


With every account order from you receive 5 IP address. These are allotted to your account as you need them and in order to be incompliance with ARIN rules each ip must be justified. The first two IPs will be used for your nameservers. If you or one of your customers requires to install their own secure certificate then they will need a dedicated IP for it. Most hosting companies only provide you with two or less IPs, but we want to help our customers grow.

Run your domains off your own IP rather than the server IP.

On must shared servers all domains run off the main server IP address. This can cause problems with security and DOS attacks, for that reason we do things a bit different. Domains under your account will be run off your second IP, thus shielding you from such attacks.


We allow our resellers to oversell both your space and bandwidth. Why is this good. If a host does not allow overselling then you will only be able to divide your 1000Mb account into 10 x 100 Mb accounts, even if these ten accounts only use 75Mb between them. With a 1000Mb account you can create as many 100Mb accounts as you wish provided the total amount USED does not go over 1000Mb. Overselling is important as if you are selling hosting most of your customers will only use a small proportion of their allotted resources.

Ability to grow.

If your account goes over its allowed bandwidth, we do not suspend it like most hosts. If this happens it means that some of your websites have become successful – we do not punish you for being successful! Rather what we do is monitor your bandwidth usage for the month, if you have gone over for the month we will encourage you to upgrade your account but will not charge you for overages the first time it happens. Remember, we at reply o you for our existence, we want you to grow and be successful.

Shared SSL.

Shared SSL is a system we employ where by all users on a server will have access to a secure certificate. This certificate is shared among all users on the server. While we would advise a successful e-commerce site to purchase its own SSL certificate, Shared SSL is a great NO COST solution when starting out or when testing a site. This service is available to all users at no cost.


SSH is a way to communicate with a Linux server. It is essential to have SHH access to a server in order to host a website, but SSH gives you much more control over your actions and enables you to do thinks much faster than FTP or CPanel. Some hosts do not allow SSH due to paranoia over security, however, with advances in SSH technology SSH has become very secure.

We will enable SSH access for any domain, if it is for use by the owner of the main account. As you grow you may want to learn about the Linux environment, without SSH it is impossible to do so. Again we want you to grow. We want to help yon on your learning curve

So, some questions to ask other hosts:


  2. How many IPs come with an account?
  3. Are my domains (other than the main domain) run off the server IP or an IP dedicated to me?
  4. Do you allow overselling?
  5. What happens if I go over my Bandwidth allowance?
  6. Do you offer shared SSL?
  7. Do you allow SSH access?

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